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OF ART, simply art

OF ART meets artists, institutions and deciphers the art world, simply.

Mathieu Allouch's itinerary is marked out by Lionel Baert, with the help of expert Patrick Scemama from La République de l'Art .

OF ART offers a variety of themes interesting all those curious about art, beginners or experts, adopting the most diverse formats, like a library in which one would find all kinds of works.  

Mask OF ART participates in this discovery of artists, by adorning with an aesthetic dimension an essential tool in the fight against  the spread of the coronavirus.


The success of the charity operation is to offer CAT 1 - UNS 1 sanitary masks at the price of €5 including tax while freeing up €1.50 for associations.  


Carnet OF ART always adopts this approach of solidarity and popularization of art for the general public. The first notebook created by Jordane Saget is in a limited edition of 1,000 copies. It is sold for the benefit of the Restos du Cœur. The creation of the second by Silvère Jarrosson, still in limited edition, was filmed by OF ART. It is sold for the benefit of Sidaction.  

Box OF ART pursues the objective of not sanctuarizing art, of ensuring its dissemination, of speaking, and simply showing the work of artists. 

Les videos sont auto produites.

Les vidéos financées seront mentionnées par le nom du mécène suivi de “soutien de OF ART”

Vidéos OF ART
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L'Art du Sport - Staiv Gentis
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Dans les Réserves Secrètes du Centre National du Costume de Scène (CNCS)
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La rage de peindre d'Alice Grenier Nebout - OF ART
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ORLAN : "L'art c'est ma vie !" - Of Art
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Le plus grand danseur au monde : Rudolf Noureev - OF ART
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Ses lignes réenchantent les rues - Jordane Saget
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L'art, joie de vivre (Caroline Ritzler) - OF ART
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Carla Gaida - à la frontière entre Art et Décoration ?
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